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Mindfulthinking psychologists specialise in well researched mindfulness based psychology effective for treating depression, anxiety, stress and eating disorders.

Mindful Eating, Binge Eating and Weight Management Program

Am I Hungry, Mindful Eating for Binge Eating


Transform the way you think about food and your body

    • Are you distressed about your eating?
    • Do you restrict, binge, eat compulsively or purge?
    • The “Am I Hungry, Mindful Eating-Binge Eating”(ME-BE) Program is a well researched and scientifically validated program developed for anyone struggling with compulsive or binge eating or bulimia nervosa.


During the 2 workshops you can expect to learn:mindfulness practices and skills to help you manage your emotions and stress without turning to food or binge eating

  • to identify reasons you eat compulsively or binge and how to get your needs met differently
  • about the mindful eating cycle, the binge eating cycle, the restrictive eating cycle, the eat-repent-repeat cycle
  • to listen to your body to determine when, what, and how much you need to eat.
  • how to change mental habits that keep you stuck in destructive behaviours, patterns and cycles.

During individual sessions with a ME-BE accredited psychologist you will learn how to apply the skills and strategies you have learnt during the workshops and how to overcome barriers holding you back.

You will receive the Mindful Eating-Binge Eating Workbook and Awareness Manual to use at the workshops and individual sessions so that continuity and structure is maintained.

 Program Structure and Topics

Workshop Topics Individual sessions



In Charge, Not in Control

  • The mindful eating cycle
  • The binge eating cycle,
  • The restrictive eating cycle
  • The the eat-repent-repeat cycle
  • self care skills


Trust your Body Wisdom

  • Physical hunger
  • Hunger rhythms
  • Body mind heart scan
  • Body mapping


It’s Not About the Food

  • When do I want to eat?
  • Creating a self care zone
  • Mindful Decision making




Change Your Mind

  • How thoughts become habits
  • Mindful Eating Strategy
  • Head Hunger
  • Watching thoughts
  • Reprogram your mind


What Am I Really Hungry for?

  • Emotions and Needs
  • Get in touch with your feelings
  • My emotional body map
  • Manage your feelings
  • Change your feelings
  • Manage cravings
  • Meet your needs


Mindful Eating

  • Bringing it all together


You will also receive “Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat “written by Dr May, (ME-BE program creator)

Next workshop takes place 17 September  &  01, October 2016

Where:   Bondi Junction

Time:      10am-2pm. 


 Cost:      $ 550 (this includes both workshops and the manual plus a book “Eat What you love, Love what you Eat”.

(Medicare rebates of $220 available if you have a GP referral. It may also be possible to claim the remaining amount with your private health funds. Please consult with your health fund.)

 To enrol please email: sherisse@mindfulthinking.com.au 

 What participants are saying

“I came here looking for a new perspective. My hope after this exceeds anything I’ve ever experienced before.”

Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating for Binge Eating Participant,2016

Why this program?

Over the years, as a therapist, I have been searching for a framework to help my clients struggling with emotional or binge eating or bulimia nervosa.

This year I stumbled across ME-BE and was skeptical at first however the results with my clients have been very promising.

The program is very well researched, thorough and structured. It integrates dialectical behavior therapy which in my experience is one of the most effective treatments for problems that involve emotional regulation issues. It also skillfully integrates CBT and mindfulness.

The workshops are experiential (i.e. you learn through doing) interactive, fun and engaging. Participants are not expected to self disclose.

For those seriously committed to recovering the individual sessions are essential. These sessions are also highly structured and will help you apply what you learn in the workshops to your own story and life.

I am very excited to be sharing MB-BE with you and recognize that it’s a big step. I look forward to supporting you on your journey and believe that you will find the program is about allot more than food.


The Research

The Mindful Eating for Binge Eating Program has been validated and tested on adult women with Binge Eating Disorder. They went from severe binge eating to a non-bingeing level on the Binge Eating Scale during the program.

A year later participants were still measuring on the non binge scale. The program has also been shown to be effective for people who don’t necessarily binge or are not overweight but is suitable for anyone that eats emotionally or compulsively or has a difficult relationship with food.

 Break The Eat-Repent-Repeat Cycle



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