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Mindfulthinking psychologists specialise in well researched mindfulness based psychology effective for treating depression, anxiety, stress and eating disorders.

Treatment Therapy for Anxiety in Sydney

Every now and then we all get a bit stressed or nervous about something. There are many stressful scenarios we can find ourselves in, like public speaking or a looming deadline that we’re fearful about. In small doses, anxiety can be a good way to assist people to remain on the ball and complete tasks that have left them feeling a bit threatened.

For some people, however, there may be more extreme cases where that nervous or fearful feeling doesn’t seem to ever subside. In these circumstances, it’s possible that these individuals are experiencing an anxiety disorder and can benefit from anxiety therapy. Common physical and emotional symptoms include (but are not limited to):

-       A feeling of powerlessness
-       Worrying excessively
-       Trembling
-       Shortness of breath
-       An underlying sense of danger

Those who suffer from such a disorder may believe that there’s nothing that can be done to help, when as a matter of fact that couldn’t be much farther from the truth. A trained anxiety psychologist can assist in improving the lives of those who are experiencing what can be an incredibly devastating issue detrimental to your life. At Mindful Thinking, we are here to offer anxiety counseling from a psychologist backed by the education and experience necessary to assist you in taking steps forward.

Counselling treatment with care

When you’re considering having a chat with a psychologist for anxiety treatment in Sydney or elsewhere, there are a few qualities you should think about after the first meeting. We could go through all of the psychologist’s qualities you should be looking for, such as their ability to communicate clearly and with compassion, or perhaps their knowledge, approach and commitment to remaining up to date with continuous education and research in the therapy field.

However, the one thing you need to concern yourself with is whether you feel comfortable with the psychologist. Without trust and connection, will you really be able to tell them everything you’d like to? Keep this in mind when you come to us for a counseling session here at Mindful Thinking.

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