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Mindfulthinking psychologists specialise in well researched mindfulness based psychology effective for treating depression, anxiety, stress and eating disorders.

A Weight Loss & Management Psychologist for Sydney

Sherisse Cohen has experience working with patients with a variety of eating disorders, including binge and compulsive eating. Amongst the most common eating disorders in modern Australian society, they can be a source of extreme anxiety for patients as episodes can be triggered by something as simple as a particularly stressful situation.

Common signs that you may be suffering from a binge eating disorder include secretive eating, feeling guilty about eating, or eating when you aren’t really hungry. These episodes can have a negative effect on your health, creating additional stress and also potentially affecting your physical health, causing undue weight gain and all the medical problems attached.

Helping you on your journey

At Mindful Thinking, we want to help you manage your lifestyle and manage your weight. Our weight loss therapists understand that an unhealthy relationship with food is often an expressive disorder – a symptom of deeper psychological problems such as depression or anxiety. We want to help you get the support you need to repair your relationship with food, allowing you to better control your weight and manage your own lifestyle.

Fortunately, binge eating disorder is extremely treatable and is a specific area of interest to Sherisse. She can teach you a number of simple coping strategies and techniques for managing your urges, helping you begin to break the cycle of depressive or anxious episode, followed by binge eating, followed by deeper depression or heightened anxiety. Even patients suffering from binge eating disorders for years have seen their lives beginning to turn around with professional help.

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Our goal is to help you heal yourself. We’re not here to cure you – that’s within yourself – our role is giving you the tools you need to begin to change your life. If you’re not living the life you dreamed for yourself, contact us today at our Bondi Junction or Sydney CBD offices and speak to one of our staff-members who will be happy to help you take this first step.

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